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The Vasser and Vasser Law Firm has substantial experience representing insurers, corporations, and individuals in virtually all types of personal injury matters, including claims related to transportation liability, premises liability, professional liability, and employer liability for sexual abuse, discrimination, negligent hiring, negligent training, and negligent supervision.


The firm’s partner attorneys are top-flight litigators who know that winning in litigation requires experience and a relentless commitment to excellence. There simply are no substitutes for those two winning ingredients. 


At V & V, we continue our pursuit of excellence with each case that we take on.  We are true trial attorneys who have received multiple client achievement awards for “Stellar Trial Performance and Results, Overall Excellence and Quality of Service, and for Demonstrating a Consistent Thoroughness of Preparation in All Aspects of Litigation."  -  largest FTL carrier in America

A big advantage enjoyed by our clients is that we routinely represent both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases, which gives us unique insight into how to maximize our clients’ chances of success.  Early resolution is always our goal, but if trial is necessary our clients can rest assured knowing that we are always well-prepared and that we have successfully tried to verdict many, many high exposure lawsuits all around the state.


Simply put, we know how to successfully and ethically win cases.


Managing Partner
Dave Vasser

“At Vasser and Vasser Law Firm, our firm hallmarks are legal excellence, integrity, common sense, and efficiency.  We partner with each of our clients and provide them with a calm, steady, experienced hand on the wheel.   Our firm pledge is to always protect our clients' interests with passion, principle, professionalism, prudence, and efficiency.  We work tirelessly to provide every one of them with superior legal results at a fair price.  Every case is handled by experienced, first-chair trial counsel who are here to help and to get it done right the first time, because our clients deserve nothing less."

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Home: Meet the Team

Vasser & Vasser's managing partner is C. David ("Dave") Vasser, Jr., who was born in Baton Rouge and raised in New Orleans, where he practiced commercial litigation at Louisiana's second largest law firm until 1992, when he co-founded Vasser & Vasser with his father, Claude D. Vasser, Sr., who was a senior partner at Louisiana's largest law firm for more than a quarter of a century.  Before practicing law, Claude was a first Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, a claims adjuster at Travelers Insurance Company, and an Editor of the Loyola Law Review.  Dave earned his degrees from L.S.U. in Baton Rouge and was ranked near the top of his law school class.  Dave is a founding member of TIDA, one of the largest and most respected organizations of insurance and transportation companies, claims adjusters and attorneys in the country, and since its inception he has been the author of the official Louisiana claims law summary for that national organization.  In 2018, Dave was proud to witness his son Brandon become the third generation of the Vasser family to be sworn in at the Louisiana Supreme Court and licensed to practice law in this State.

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